Dental Health Month at Parkview School

Dental Health month at Parkview.
Dr. Cindy Kudlik, a local dentist and a Parkview parent, visited the school’s Wednesday kindergarten through first grade class.
Dental Health month at Parkview.
She introduced the class to Charlie Tooth and his best friend Super Saliva! In a coloring book, that she authored and illustrated herself, she shared how Super Saliva protects Charlie Tooth from the Nefarious Sugar Bug! The students were enamored with her presentation, as well as thrilled when she used their bodies as either a tooth or their gums, for a brushing and flossing demonstration. They also learned that dentists are doctors who only take care of our teeth and mouths, unlike the doctor they might visit when they have a fever.
The students made a model of their mouths using mini marshmallows and cardboard, along with a cut out of their tongue with an explanation of how their tongues taste sweet, salty, bitter, and savory.
Dental Health month at Parkview.
At the cooking station, the students made a ‘no cook’  snack using apple slices for the lips, cream cheese as the gums, and mini marshmallows for the teeth.
The best part was they then were able to eat this healthy snack during snack time!

Dental Health month at Parkview. Dental Health month at Parkview. Dental Health month at Parkview.

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