Bryant Ranch School’s Garden Club learns all about pollinators

Bryant Ranch garden club.

“We wouldn’t have a lot of food to eat without pollinators.” Truer words could not have been said as The Little Diggers of Bryant Ranch School’s Garden Club learned on Friday, February 23, 2018. With an educational and fun presentation made by conservation instructor, Sharon Gutierrez, of Riverside Public Utilities, students were able to learn hands on experience about nature’s exquisite pollinators – the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

The Little Diggers were shown by Ms. Gutierrez how nature works best by having bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds gather nectar and spread pollen throughout lands in order to create healthy and natural foods. Foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as some grains, are essential to our health thus the vital importance of having such pollinators in our world. As Ms. Gutierrez pointed out, “we wouldn’t have a lot of food to eat without pollinators.”

The Little Diggers also learned about the beautiful and soon-to-be endangered Monarch Butterflies. The Monarchs come around California in early Spring to lay their eggs on a specific plant called Milkweed. Milkweeds are Monarch butterflies main source of food and nutrition so it’s crucial for California and Mexico to prolong the habitat of Monarch butterflies. Students also learned that we can register for a Monarch Waystation if there are good amounts of Milkweed in the home garden, school grounds, park, zoos, along roadsides, and etc.

The Little Diggers were then treated to a build-your-own butterfly house project where if placed outside the home, butterflies could find a safe haven to nest and rest. The students were able to build these butterfly houses by hand and decorate them to their own liking. The students all had a lot of fun building these wood homes for butterflies (and quite possibly any other insects!).

Bryant Ranch garden club. Bryant Ranch garden club. Bryant Ranch garden club.

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