Esperanza Aztec Engineering and Manufacturing students work to create a safer school environment by installing Lock-Bloks

EHS AEM lock blok installation.

In February, Esperanza High School (EHS) Aztec Engineering and Manufacturing (AEM) Academy students successfully installed Lock-Bloks on 150 doors on campus.  Lock-Bloks are designed to allow classroom doors to remain in the locked position.  During emergency situations, staff members can simply disengage the device and the door is locked.  There is no need to look for keys or enter the hallway to lock doors, potentially exposing individuals to dangers.

The Academy’s teacher, Mr. Jeff Wallace, guided his AEM students through proper install instructions, then the class dispersed into teams of five with each student assigned a different duty. The teams worked collaboratively around campus ensuring that they worked on every door in a timely manner. It was a great example of project based learning where students practiced communication, collaboration, responsibility, critical thinking, connecting to real-life context, and most importantly, taking PRIDE in their school and a job well done.

Esperanza is proud of the work that Mr. Wallace and his students did. They were focused, efficient, and took PRIDE in knowing they were working on something to better the school and to create a safer environment for all Aztecs.

Watch a brief video of the AEM students in action below.

EHS AEM lock blok installation.

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  1. Good job teacher and students. I am so happy you are so proactive on taking steps to make the school a safer environment. We cannot sit and wait for the politics to be sorted out while students and staff are targets of violence. I have been contemplating what to write to the district on how we can make all our schools safer. I think they need to really address this issue and not sit back and hope a shooting doesn’t happen here. It seems very easy to get on campus without being going through the check in process. The security procedures need to be re-evaluated, enforced and be consistent. Another problem are the students that are protected due to being classified as in my layman’s terms special ed. I can’t discuss this topic too much because I don’t know too much about it. However, what I have experienced is some of the kids that could use disciplinary measures are untouchable and it makes it unnerving for others. The people at the district have to get into the schools and in the trenches and listen to the staff that experiences the compromised safety every day. Good job Esperanza!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this!!

  3. Meredith Castro | March 19, 2018 at 7:07 am | Reply

    Great job Aztecs! Way to keep our students safe!

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