Valencia TiGears conclude season at Aerospace Valley Regional Robotics Competition

Valencia robotics.

Valencia High School’s (VHS) TiGears robotics team spent four days over Spring Break competing in the Aerospace Valley Regional Robotics Competition in Lancaster, CA. The team participated in 13 qualifying matches and placed 10 out of 36 teams. In one of the team’s matches, the TiGears alliance achieved the highest score of all the qualifying matches! They were also the alliance captain for the 6th seed in the quarterfinals against the 3rd seed.

Valencia robotics.
The TiGears played two really good quarterfinal matches with “Pawl” (that’s the robot’s name) performing as expected – placing a cube in the “switch” in auto mode, then transitioning into driver mode to gather additional cubes for delivery to other platforms (on the ground, three feet up and 8 feet up) and finally pulling itself off the ground using a hook. Unfortunately, the TiGears alliance was out performed by the 3rd seed alliance, which concludes the build and competition season for Valencia.

Congrats on an impressive season, TiGears!
Valencia robotics.
The 2017-18 TiGears team, under the direction of teacher, Hope Conant, included the following students:
Alex Navarrette
Brandon Wong
Bryce Turcaz
Dana Kwan
Daisy Lewin
Dharma Gomez
Francisco Acosta
Gabriel Infante
Harry Pachchala
Ian Lopez
Jeremy Breen
Joshua Gonzalez
Kellen Rivest
Lauren Mard
Leslie Aguilar
Neelam Mistry
Rachel Little
​Sam Magana
Sarah Mard​
​Yazen Balouk ​

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