Valadez students receive real-life culinary experience

Valadez students getting a culinary experience.

Valadez Middle School Academy was honored to have Drew Putman (Pathways teacher) and seven of his students given the rare opportunity to visit the Anaheim Convention Center to participate in a real life job experience of being a chef.

In addition to getting a full tour of the facility by the deputy director Joaquin Quesada, they were also given an exceptional culinary experience. Trained chefs informed the students about food preparation, exposure to a fully operational industrial kitchen, and guided them through making the perfect omelet. It was a wonderful experience for Valadez students to see the day-to-day operations of such a large facility.  It also inspired the Eagles to be thinking about future pathways to success.

The school would like to thank the Anaheim Convention Center staff for being so kind and welcoming to the middle school students!

Valadez students getting a culinary experience.

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