Glenknoll PAL leaders lend a helping hand on campus and in the community

Glenkoll PAL students.

Glenknoll Elementary School PAL (Peer Assistance Leadership) leaders have had a busy 2017-2018 school year. Comprised of 13 hardworking sixth graders, they have been involved citizens and helpful mentors to young students on campus.

The group’s first ever community outreach project was with OC Animal Shelter, where the students donated over 200 items including blankets, treats, and toys. PAL students had the unique opportunity to engage with professionals that run these important community programs. Many students have expressed interest in working at these shelters when they are old enough and have seen the importance in proper animal care.

Aligned with Glenknoll’s PBIS goals of reducing the number behavior tickets students receive, PAL students have been training in conflict management. Each day, the students have a “duty day,” in which the students work with primary students to reduce the amount of minor conflicts (i.e. tattling, rule-game disagreements, including others). They are also providing positive behavior feedback, and reminding and encouraging students to follow rules and showing kindness to each other. Practicing these important conflicts managing skills has also helped the PAL students become more independent in their peer relationships, and many have expressed that they feel more confident handling difficult situations with friends.

Additionally, some PAL students are volunteering after school for Glenknoll’s “homework club.” These students assist the supervising teacher in checking agendas, reading aloud with students, and studying for tests and quizzes.

Finally, based on Glenknoll’s PBIS data and teacher requests, the PAL students have made presentations and skits aligned to classroom and playground needs. PAL students even went into classrooms and performed their lessons on “kindness and including others,” “perfectionism,” and “bragging.”

Glenknoll’s PAL program has been very successful this year, and the school looks forward to more years of success!

Glenkoll PAL students. Glenkoll PAL students. Glenkoll PAL students.

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