Parkview graduates 23 Panthers!

Parkview school graduation.

Parkview is excited to have 23 Panther graduates this year!  These young adults have worked very hard to complete their academic requirements, along with 60 community service hours. Many have gone above and beyond serving their community with 120 plus hours.

Of the Panthers graduating, including 22 seniors and 1 junior, 5 are going to four year institutions, 14 are going to community college, 2 to trade schools, and 2 straight into the work force.

These awesome citizens leaving Parkview are:

Mellanie Aniag, Frances Azze, Dylan Collins, Jacob Edmonds, Jose Edmonds, Jared Fessey, Kyle Hallerbach, Britney Hearon, Danielle Houch, David Konefsky, Joshua McCafferty, Claire Miller, Hana Mizumoto, Zoe Paolozzi, Kaitlyn Phillips, Erica Purpura, Steven Ramirez, Brynda Rowen, Cathryn Salladin, Daniella Sternberg, Aidan Valle, and Chloe Yates. The school’s junior graduating early is Jazmin Valdez.

Parkview is also promoting 29 eigth graders into high school! This is by far one of the largest promoting classes Parkview has ever had. These Parkview scholars are:

Katherine Abbott, Kaci An, Travis Ewing, Chloe Fiordalisi, Ellie Fleming, Brett Ginsburg, Ethan Harris, Emily Hislop, Amie Kinoshita, Claire Lemus, Anastacia Lloyd, Michael Marich, Enya Margquez, Zoe McDowell, Sarah Mesa, Madison Naruko, Matthew Ortega, Ryan Pearce, Eli Peterson, Emily Phillips, Dylan Proctor, Jacob Rydbeck, Gavin Ryu, Rushin Sanghavi, Mckenzie Schmid, Bailey Sok, Sethe Sosa, Audrey Walker, and Anthony Yu.

Parkview is proud of these fine Panthers!

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