Annual spelling bee at Golden Elementary School

Golden Spelling Bee.

Golden Elementary School’s classroom-level spelling bees were held in each 4th through 6th grade classrooms in October. The top two winners in each class advanced to Golden’s School Spelling Bee held on Thursday, November 30.

The “Bee” was supposed to be held outside. However, due to a rainstorm, the school had to create a “plan B for the Bee”. In total, 28 students competed in the Multi-Purpose Room with parents and fellow students in the audience.

Principal, Dr. Alison DeMark and assistant principal, Mrs. Kristin McDonald set up a “Google Hangout” so that all 4th through 6th-grade classes could watch the bee via webcam in their classrooms for the first time ever.

After nine rounds of competition, three students placed in each grade level. Here’s the list:

4th Grade
1st – Shrihun Andhe
2nd – Izan Hsu
3rd – Dahee Lee

5th Grade
1st – Micah Lee
2nd – Kaitlyn Chung
3rd – Yatin Alla

6th Grade
1st – Surina Borbor
2nd- Samuel Choi
3rd – Henry Kong

All of these students qualify for the Spelling Bee hosted by the R.E.A.C.H. Foundation in the spring.

Golden’s top three 6th graders will also advance to the Orange County Department of Education’s Scripp’s Spelling Bee on February 25 and March 2. Mrs. Cooan will begin practicing for the competition with Surina, Samuel, and Henry next week.

Great job, spellers!

Surina Borbor and her mother.

Sixth grade winner, Surina Borbor, and her mother.

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