The spirit of the holiday season at Kraemer Middle School

Kraemer Middel School logo.

Kraemer Middle School recently held a coin drive over the course of a few weeks. The goal of the drive was to raise money for needy families. In total, the middle school community raised $600.

Additionally, the school recently developed a partnership with Placentia Presbyterian Church over the last few years. Each June, they host a community event (ping pong tournament and mini-carnival) to support the Kraemer Cubs. With that event and other donations, today they dropped off $1,250 worth of Target gift cards to the school.

Kraemer will use the $1,850 to provide holiday presents for McKinney Vento students over the next several days. For many of the students, the gift from Kraemer will be the only Christmas present they may receive this year.

“In a show of true kindness, many of these kids tell us that they’ll plan on using the money to purchase something for a loved one instead of themselves,” shared principal, Keith Carmona.

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