A week of thanks at El Dorado High School

In celebration of Thanksgiving, every El Dorado High School student’s name was written on a separate leaf whose color corresponded to his or her class. The leaves were then scattered around campus, and students were able to look for their names. The whole school was filled with fall colors!

To get everyone in the “thankful” spirit, El Dorado students wrote what they were thankful for on paper turkey legs, and then placed the turkey legs on the Theatron wall.

Additionally, EDHS students participated in Feast Week, which was a week filled with lunchtime activities to get ready for Thanksgiving. Monday’s activity was a relay race between the new players and the returning players on the girls varsity soccer team. They had to pass a pumpkin to each other, and then run across the Theatron. Tuesday’s activity was a bread roll toss where partners were told to turn their backs to each other and throw the bread rolls into their teammates’ buckets. Thursday’s activity was a chicken wing eating contest to prepare contestants for the massive amount of food they would be eating over Thanksgiving (and we made sure the chicken wings were spicy!). And on Friday, there was a pie eating contest, and the school gave out pie to whoever brought their own plate (BYOP!).

Overall, El Dorado had an awesome week to be thankful for!

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