Dance Team at El Dorado High School’s earns the title of National Champions

EDHS dance.

The El Dorado High School (EDHS) dance team competed February 23-24 at the World Class Dance (WCD) Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Golden Hawks won numerous awards including the title of Overall National Champions!

In addition, out of 43 soloists, El Dorado took 1st through 4th place.
4th place- Ava Siniscalchi
3rd place- Taylor Elliot
2nd place- Hailey Stoller
1st place- Sydney Serrano

Special awards in the solo category included:
Best costume- Elizabeth Louie
Innovative choreography- Maddy Gallagher
Judges choice- Hailey Stoller
Highest lyrical score for all solos- Hailey Stoller
Highest jazz score for all solos- Sydney Serrano

The team also received a few dance awards as a unit, including:
Med Hip hop—- 1st
Med Jazz —1st
Med Pom —- 1st
Sm Contemporary— 1st
Med Lyrical— 1st
Xs Contemporary — 1st
Xs jazz— 1st

The judges choice awards received were:
Innovative choreography- medium lyrical

Highest overall score category winners:
Med Lyrical
XSm jazz
Xs contemporary

Highest scoring routine of the entire competition:
Xs Jazz

Way to go, EDHS!

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