Morse Elementary students have talent!

Morse students at talent show.

Morse Elementary School students recently showcased their skills at the 2019 Talent Show held at the Auditorium at Valencia High School. The talented acts included comedy, singing, dancing, classical ensembles, along with a dancing unicorn!

Morse student at Talent Show.Many students participated in grade level production numbers, including “Do The Yeti” (first grade), “The Gummy Bear Song” (second grade), “Better When I’m Dancing” (third grade), “Fly” (fourth grade), and “Hawaiian Roller Coaster” (fifth grade). Sixth-grade students, Summer Kipp, Andolyn Arguello, and Bella Geske, served as the emcees for the night. This lively evening was attended by family and friends of those performing. The final act of the evening featured Morse teachers performing a “stomp” act.

Ms. Parelli, Mrs. Skokan, Mrs. Tesoro and parent volunteer Mr. Pon coordinated this special event for the Morse Wildcat students. In addition, several Morse alumni helped make the event a success including Jenika Kolacz , stage director, and Wyatt Llewellyn, videographer. In addition, Morse alumni Cienna Noah and Guadalupe Bautista helped assist the performers before and after each act.

“All in all, it was a special night for Morse Wildcats,” noted Principal Tonya Gordillo.

Morse students at talent show.

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