Valencia High School hosts fifth annual TEDx with theme of belonging

TEDx event at VHS.Valencia's 2019 TEDx event was March 15 and featured the following individuals: Top/Back Row: Anjali Maniar; Saleem Haider; Elijah Chung; Curtis Liu; Avery Eun; Brandon Kwon; David Lee; Jay Kim-Turner; Jacob Perreria; Daanesh Jamal; & Mr. Rod Boaz Middle Row (of three): Jenika Kolacz; Neha Upadhyaya; Ms. Tara Filowitz Bottom Row: Lyba Batla; Samantha Harker; Sidra Ali; Jacqueline Duong; Sydney Tsai; Adila Ahmed; Armaan Bhatia; Phil De Vera; & Xavier Nunez-Sundara

As the audience made their way into the Auditorium at Valencia High School (VHS) on Friday, March 15 at 6:00 PM, they were greeted by a TEDx photobooth, the bright red iconic “TEDx” letters, and the enthusiasm of 21 eager student speakers ready to share their “ideas worth sharing” on TED’s global platform.

That night, livestreamed via Tiger Tube, VHS was proud to host their 5th TEDx event, with this year’s theme as BELONGING. The theme ties into the school’s newest motto — “Belong, Believe, Become.” The event was coordinated by Language Arts Teacher, Tara Filowitz, for the third time.

Each year, VHS staff members works tirelessly and purposefully to seek out opportunities that support their diverse population of learners. Nearly 96% of students reported a connection on one or more levels according to the survey – fostering a deep feeling of belonging within each individual student.

Valencia High School is a rich tapestry of students who vary in heritage, socio-economic status, and religion. The students also create an environment of intellectual diversity based on the three pillars of thought the school has been looking to for the past 80+ years – PRIDE, TRADITION, & EXCELLENCE. Now, this saying is woven together with BELONGING.

This year’s event was made possible by Mr. Rod Boaz and the Tiger Tube Staff; Mr. Fred Ronquillo handling the theater tech; Mrs. Arthurton and the choir; and Mr. Jeff Louie for his guidance. In addition, students Saleem Haider for his work as Ms. Filowitz’s Assistant Artistic Director and Speaker Peer Mentor, and Anjali Maniar who worked as the first Audience Engagement Coordinator. For more information about the event, check out Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – all #TEDxValenciaHighSchool.

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