Second annual Exceptional Educators Event honors PYLUSD employees who go above and beyond to benefit special needs students

CAC Exceptional Educators event.The 2019 recipients of the Exceptional Educator Award in PYLUSD.

This year, in collaboration with the Community Advisory Committee (CAC), the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) proudly continued the tradition of honoring exceptional special educators on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Leading up to the event, the District sought nominations of PYLUSD professionals that have made exceptional contributions to students with special needs. Nominations were accepted for any staff member including teachers, aides, therapists, administrators, or other individuals that have touched students’ lives or made a significant impact on their education.

Board of Education Clerk, Judi Carmona, Superintendent, Dr. Greg Plutko, and Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Rick Lopez were all in attendance to help celebrate the efforts of nominated individuals. This year’s Exceptional Educators include:

  • Katherine Becker
  • Garrett Bentley
  • Suzanne Borgese
  • Melanie Carmona
  • Cynthia Davila
  • Jon Gomez
  • Tonya Gordillo
  • Kimberly Griffin
  • Janmarie Halliday
  • Joanna Keating-Velasco
  • Terese Krueger
  • Phyllis Lansley
  • Jasmine Lodge
  • Amy Madrigal
  • Amie Newberry
  • Amy Ortlieb
  • Vicki Osborn
  • Nora Pacheco
  • Mark Pederson
  • Joaquin Powell
  • Joseph Rojas Granja
  • Karen Skokan
  • Shirleen St.Clair-Roshdie
  • Karen Tapia
  • Douglas Thompson

CAC is an organization whose purpose is to help create, promote and maintain high-quality and appropriate programs for students receiving any type of special education services in Placentia-Yorba Linda or Brea-Olinda school districts. It is comprised of parents of students attending regular education and special education classes in the public schools, as well as teachers, District administrators, support personnel, representatives from both public and private agencies, and any other persons interested in the education of all students. This year’s chairperson of the committee is Jocelyn Brodowski.

Congrats to all of our 2019 Exceptional Educators!

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