Morse sixth graders rewarded for hard work with “Just Dance” Tournament

Morse just dance.

All sixth grade Morse Elementary School students who completed all of their assignments and received a positive citizenship marking were recently invited to participate in a “Just Dance X-Box Tournament” held at lunchtime in Mr. Gomez’s room.

The tournament first started in 2016 when Mr. Gomez was a third grade teacher at Morse. He had an idea to reward students who had worked hard in class and were good positive role models for the school. So, he worked with Mr. Ortega, Morse Elementary’s Tech representative, on how to hook up the X-Box to the LCD and onto the Promethean Board.

The Just Dance Tournament consisted of twenty teams in a single elimination tournament. The two team dancers danced head-to-head and the team with the most points moved on to face their next challenge. Of the twenty teams we also had teams that were composed of student teachers.

The semi-final round found Edie Pfefferkorn and Milanya West battling Jazmin Villanueva and Ximena Lopez. Both teams scored over 19,000 points before Ximena and Jazmin squeezed out the victory. In the other semi-final match found Miss Timms and Miss Wheeler two sixth grade student teachers vs. Bella Geske and Kayla Romero. Again both teams scored over 19,000 points once again, with Ms. Wheeler and Ms. Tims coming out with the win.

The finals came down to the two best teams Ximena and Jazmin vs. Miss Tims and Miss Wheeler. Both teams had earned five star ratings. In the end it was Jazmin and Ximena outscoring the student teachers by just 87 points and earning the title Just Dance Tournament Champions.

Morse just dance.6

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