Piano sparks excitement and creativity during recess and lunch at Brookhaven

Brookhaven students.

Students at Brookhaven Elementary School will now have the opportunity twice a week during recess and lunch to play the piano in order to be creative, relax, and belong. Drawing on inspiration from UCLA, Principal Julie Lucas decided that having a piano out on campus twice a week this year was a great idea. The goal is to offer students a creative outlet and a place to connect more deeply with Brookhaven and their peers.

Tuesday, September 17 marked the first day that the piano was out among students and they did not disappoint! After learning about the piano guidelines and expectations at their rules assembly earlier in September, the young students demonstrated the “B.E.A.R. Necessities.” They are Be the Example, Encourage Honesty and Kindness, Always Have a Positive Attitude, Respect School, Self and Others, and Strive to Be your Best.

“It is exciting to see our students playing the piano, both skilled players and students willing to just take a risk. It is also exciting to hear the music-themed vocabulary they are using when talking to one another while awaiting their turn to play,” Principal Lucas shared. “You may even catch a staff member or two playing on a Tuesday or Thursday!”

According to Principal Lucas, a student even exclaimed to teacher Mrs. Castillo during recess, “It’s a miracle! It’s a real, live piano!” Well done, Bears!

Brookhaven students. Brookhaven students.

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