Sixth grade leaders spread kindness at Brookhaven Elementary School

Chalk walk at BES.

Brookhaven Elementary School is a place where kindness is shown everyday in big and little ways! This includes the teachers who stay hours after the school day ends to prepare something exciting for their students and the students who help one another when they see someone in need.

Every year on September 8, kindness is shown in an even more special and meaningful way at Brookhaven Elementary School. This is the birthday of Jerry Vitelli, a former Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District student and child of beloved Brookhaven kindergarten teacher, Teresa Vitelli.

Jerry was known for his kindness toward others and his positive attitude that made everyone smile. When he was sadly taken from this world too soon, his mother created, ¨A Day to Celebrate, Remember, and Be Kind to Others,¨ The goal of the day is to spread kindness just like Jerry.

For the past three years, with the support and guidance of teachers Mrs. Walls and Ms. Tripp, Brookhaven 5th and 6th graders have spread kindness around campus by ¨Chalking the Walk.” Brookhaven’s halls are decorated in positive words and phrases to inspire their fellow students, as well as staff, parents, and community members who walk the campus.

The phrases and words written around the campus by students genuinely showed the kind-hearted and thoughtful nature of the Brookhaven Bears. It truly reflects the way Jerry lived his life and continues to inspire students to connect with one another and show leadership at Brookhaven. Way to go, Bears!

Chalk walk at BES. Chalk walk at BES. Chalk walk at BES. Chalk walk at BES.

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