Van Buren Elementary holds annual Winter Bazaar

Students from Valerie Gabriel’s fifth grade class at Van Buren Elementary School held their third annual Winter Bazaar, in which handmade craft items were sold to raise money for charity. Students worked in project teams to research items to make, calculate production costs, project profit margins, produce all the items and promote the event with presentations and posters. When several of the items sold out on the first day, the students voted to have an additional production run of the most popular goods. After three days of busy sales, every single item sold out! The students raised to total of $663 for Make-a-Wish Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) and the Wounded Warrior Project.

van-buren-winter-bazaar-2 van-buren-winter-bazaar-3

Additionally, the kindergarten classes chased the gingerbread man all around Van Buren! They finally caught him in Principal Connie Roe’s office. Then they ate him!

van-buren-gingerbread-man-1 van-buren-gingerbread-man-2 van-buren-gingerbread-man-3

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