Parkview 8th grader excels at STEM internship

Parkview student.

Parkview School student Regina Rodeghiero recently saw a flyer at El Dorado High School that referenced a potential part-time position in the engineering field for a high school student at a company called KAD Fasteners. The position would assist with quality control/assurance with computer experience and knowledge of Excel. Although Regina is still in the 8th grade, this opportunity was too good to pass up.

Regina has had an affinity for all things STEM since her 5th grade exposure to the Starbase camp at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base’s weeklong STEM science camp. In addition, her participation in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) yearlong class available through Parkview School provided her the skills, confidence, and perseverance to apply for the internship.

Regina interviewed and was introduced to Quality Control Manager, Ken Castillo Jr., who asked her questions, tested her computer skills, and advised her that there were other applicants that he was reviewing. He would be making his decision in about a week. He did say, at that time, that she appeared to be the most qualified with her STEM background.

After a waiting period, the young student was notified that she earned the position, and began on February 13. Although there was some initial apprehension regarding her abilities due to her age, she seems to have more than proven herself. She arrives on time, has her own office with which to accomplish her assignments, and is proving to be an exemplary asset to the company. Congratulations, Panther!

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