Raptors “Grow What You Go Through” at El Camino Real High School

Art by ECRHS student.

In February, Mr. Petersen’s NOCROP Design for Digital Print class at El Camino Real High School in Placentia spent a day listening to the stories of four very resilient people—Briana Walker Tavano, Jason Swanson, Lambert Lo, and Kenroy Jarrett. All survived and overcame very difficult circumstances and have now found ways to lift others and give back to individuals in our society.

Students then each chose one of these speakers and designed a creative project based on what they felt and learned from each speaker. Projects included Digital art, including posters, logos, illustrations, album cover designs (complete with playlist), T-shirt designs, stickers, and collages. Other projects consisted of spray paint murals, paintings, drawings, hand-crafted menus, short stories, poetry and even ceramics.

Students will also work together to design, print, and publish a book on resilient people, comparing the qualities of the subject with themselves. The piece below was created by ECRHS student, Maxine Vego.

Art by student.

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