Earth Week activities at Travis Ranch School

Travis ranch.

To raise environmental awareness, the Travis Ranch School Green Team hung ornaments with students’ Earth Week pledges on a tree on campus. Students wrote their pledges on up-cycled plastic.

In addition ,students were asked to make a pledge to join the Eco-Challenge for two weeks. The Eco-Challenge encouraged students to eat five vegetarian meals, use only reusable utensils, food containers, water bottles, etc. while eating at school, walk or bike to school at least three times, pick up trash at least five days around your neighborhood or at school, and up-cycle a single-use plastic item.

The Green Team’s goal is to be awarded a grant that would bring funds for campus beautification projects, including the planting of trees. Way to go, Trailblazers!

Travis ranch.Kindness week at BRS.Kindness week at BRS.Kindness week at BRS.Kindness week at BRS.

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