Parkview School Rocketry Team set to compete in National Championship

Parkview rocket.

Congratulations to the Parkview American Rocketry Competition Team: Regina Rodeghiero, Emily Rodeghiero, Timothy Louie, Paige Jones, Carter Chi, Dalton Chi, Patrick Malies and David Ben Sabat to be one of the top 100 teams competing for the National Championship Title on June 13, for the American Rocketry Competition.  This year’s competition marks the second time the team has qualified in the program’s five-year history.  This year, 615 teams qualified from 45 different states.  On May 17, 2021, the top 100 teams were announced to compete in the National Finals for the prestigious title of National Champion and up to $100,000 in prizes.

American Astronaut John Young once said, “The dream is alive,” which certainly rings true for Parkview students participating in The American Rocketry Competition.

The American Rocketry Competition is the nation’s largest middle and high school rocketry competition.  It aims to test rocketeers’ STEM skills by immersing students in hands-on experience with designing, building and testing model rockets that conform to specific guidelines for that year’s competition.  To qualify, teams aimed to launch their rockets three times to get as close to an 800-foot apogee as possible while making the total flight time from launch to landing between 40 to 43 seconds.  Additionally, the rockets needed to contain one large chicken egg as a payload.

Parkview rocket. Parkview rocket.

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