Stars and students shine at Golden Science Night

The multipurpose room at Golden Elementary School was transformed into a planetarium, and Mrs. Hope’s classroom became an operating theater on Thursday night, Jan. 21, as students and their parents explored the wonders of science.

Parent of second grader, Mia, and cardiologist Dr. Bob Demonte demonstrated an angioplasty for budding doctors. Telescopes were also set up outside on the school’s blacktop, which allowed students to get a close up look at the moon, stars and planets.

Valencia High School students set a shining example for Golden’s future scientists and engineers during this amazing night as well. Their Science Olympiad team and robotics squad, the TiGears, helped Golden students learn more about these activities. Thank you, Valencia!

Sixth grade teacher Mrs. Kristi Cooan organized this wonderful evening. Over 400 students and their families got hands-on experience with 14 different science and engineering explorations, from constructing boats out of foil to hold marble weights, to racing snails. Golden students explored, and learned that science is a blast!

golden-science-night-2 golden-science-night-3

Cardiology explored: Payton (Mrs. Pizzo-Spina’s class) and Emery (Mrs. V. Johnson’s class) and Mia and Kayla (Mrs. Dey/Mrs. Dudnick’s class) love learning all about the heart.

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