Woodsboro Elementary School librarian authors original children’s book

Woodsboro elementary school class.

Woodsboro Elementary School librarian Emily Job has a passion for children’s picture books. So much so that she was inspired to write one herself titled The Tenacious Flower. Woodsboro students were so excited to watch this book go from illustration concepts to a published book. Ms. Keshishian’s 1st-grade class agrees that the best part is getting the opportunity to be the first class to hear the book read aloud by their own librarian.

About her book, Mrs. Jobs shared: “I was inspired by a dandelion growing in the crack of a neighbor’s driveway.  The story is about a young girl who makes an unexpected friend in her own backyard who teaches her how to share joy and spread hope to others.  A seed of hope was planted in my heart. Hope sprouted into joy and took hold on the pages of a picture book. It is with love and the support of my friends and family that I am able to share this Tenacious Flower with you.”

You can hear Mrs. Jobs read The Tenacious Flower during storytime at Barnes & Noble in Fullerton on Saturday, December 10 at 3:30.  This event will also be a fundraiser benefiting Woodsboro Elementary’s library. 

“When you hear the internal whisper to do the things you are hesitant to try,” Mrs. Job encourages her students, “I hope you take that step outside of your comfort zone. Never hesitate to share all the goodness you have inside because kindness is needed. Kindness is needed.”

The Tenacious Flower.

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