Full week of fun, learning at Glenview

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Glenview Elementary School’s second grade scholars learned an important history lesson about Martin Luther King, Jr. They also shared a Reader’s Theater performance with students from various other classrooms in honor of Dr. King’s birthday.

All about food
Glenview was selected as one of just two schools in the district to partner with the “All About Food” program, which integrates science, history and the importance of healthy nutrition through interactive science lessons. This week, Glenview scholars in sixth grade had the opportunity to learn about Egyptian culture, as well as the important role food plays in history. This spring, Glenview’s garden will also be expanded to provide students with opportunities for hands-on experiences with planting and harvesting.


Gold Rush
Fourth grade students at Glenview enjoyed an interactive presentation by Bowers Museum on the California Gold Rush. Students examined historical artifacts, and learned to “do-si-do” to a square dance song from the Gold Rush era. Many thanks to the wonderful docents from the Bowers museum!


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