Sierra Vista’s young students participate in “Take a Loved One to Blocks” event

Sierra Vista event.

On Wednesday, December 21, families in Mrs. Guy’s and Mrs. Griffin’s transitional kindergarten classes at Sierra Vista Elementary School joined their children in using blocks to build a community as part of their social studies curriculum. The TK students showed their families how to build a five-room house and how to add furniture to the different rooms.

Students then took their families in their cars to drive on the road to visit the bank and the market. Students working at the bank welcomed their customers and listened while they said, “I’d like to make a withdrawal.”

After visiting the bank, students took their families to visit the market. The students working at the market welcomed them and asked what food they would like to purchase. The food was then taken back to the house to make a meal and any extra money was deposited back into the bank.

All students had the opportunity to practice their listening and speaking skills throughout the course of the pretend play, which is an integral and important part of TK. Communication, collaboration, creativity, and joy were abundantly seen as students participated with their families in this fun event.

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