Rose Drive Preppy K centers

Room 21 at Rose Drive Elementary School is always a beehive of activity, and this past week was no exception as our Preppy K students put their creative, academic and engineering skills to the test. Some of their latest adventures during center times had them excavating for dinosaur skeletons, sorting by colors, building all sorts of creative structures and preparing a feast. Prepping these young minds for the future that awaits them has never been so entertaining, or so much fun. Students are already putting their 21st century skills to the test as they practice collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking during center rotations that include reading, building, sorting and problem solving. How we love having these youngest students on our campus – they inspire and energize us daily!

rose-drive-preppy-k-play-2 rose-drive-preppy-k-play-3 rose-drive-preppy-k-play-4

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