Retired Sierra Vista teacher brings the beat into a first grade classroom

Carol Reiner, a retired Sierra Vista Elementary School teacher, donates her time each week to the children in Mrs. Hendry’s first grade class. Every Friday, Mrs. Reiner visits the first graders to bring music into their classroom. The children are learning many different aspects of music, and they are being exposed to music notes at a very young age. She taught them how to read music, and they practice using claps and rests. One of their favorite parts each week is when they get to use percussion instruments. Each child gets one percussion instrument, and they learn to make beats as a class. The children thoroughly enjoy this activity each week, and they look forward to their music time with Mrs. Reiner.

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  1. PYLUSD Parent | March 5, 2016 at 5:01 am | Reply

    What a great gift to give these children! I did a similar class at Fairmont Elementary Second Grade while my children were there. Now I fundraise for their HS band and love having their music in my life! Parents need to know the music programs are not an entitlement any more- please give your time/monetary support to keep them going strong.

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