Melrose Elementary food distribution

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Melrose Elementary School partnered with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County to distribute food to the local community.

Valadez Middle School Academy students were also on-hand at Melrose to volunteer and support these families by helping set up the food bank. Additionally, they tutored pre-kindergarten students who came with their parents. Valadez students are achieving, thriving and serving their community at the highest level. The district could not be more proud of these students and their teachers.

It is currently estimated that 11.4 percent of Orange County residents (nearly 350,000 people) struggle with hunger. Children and seniors make up 50 percent of those in need of food assistance. Families who once were able to contribute to their community are now finding themselves out of work and in need of help to make ends meet.

The Second Harvest Food Bank buys surplus produce from local farms, and distributes it to low-income areas through Orange County schools.

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