District students shine at R.E.A.C.H. Foundation Spelling Bee

Third Grade Winners

The R.E.A.C.H. Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of their second annual Spelling Bee for PYLUSD students, which was held on Saturday, April 23. All participants enjoyed battling through several rounds of challenging words.

Third grade winners

  • First place (TIE): Matthew Hoang, Glenknoll Elementary School
  • First place (TIE): Mukund Kunapareddy, Lakeview Elementary School
  • Second place: Francesca Maddock, Travis Ranch School

Fourth grade winners

  • First place: Elijah Ready, Glenknoll Elementary School
  • Second place: Everett Anderson, Golden Elementary School
  • Third place: Athena Pantoja, Tynes Elementary School
Fourth Grade Winners

Fourth Grade Winners

Fifth grade winners

  • First place: Arin Chandra, Wagner Elementary School
  • Second place: Ivy Nguyen, Tynes Elementary School
  • Third place: Kayla Drake-Weepie, Glenknoll Elementary School
Fifth Grade Winners

Fifth Grade Winners

Sixth grade winners

  • First place: Neha Abbas, Tynes Elementary School
  • Second place: Natalie Williams, Golden Elementary School
  • Third place: Sowmya Rajesh, Yorba Linda Middle School

Sixth Grade Winners

Even those who didn’t achieve a top place enjoyed the contest. After their turn, students got to watch the remaining competitors from the “Green Room” of the district’s Performing Arts Center (PAC), and were treated to snacks and encouraging words from volunteers. “It was a really great experience,” said Golden fifth grader Eliott Masterjohn.

The R.E.A.C.H. Foundation would like to congratulate all participants on their achievements! They displayed confidence, and were supportive of one another throughout the day. Please congratulate these students for their successful outcomes.

For more information, visit the R.E.A.C.H. Foundation website at www.reach4pylusd.org, or “like” them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/REACHFoundation.

reach-spelling-bee-golden reach-spelling-bee-wagner

Parkview School
Twin students Maia and Cameron Orejudos are active third graders who represented Parkview at the spelling bee. These two bright and articulate siblings were excited and thankful that they were able to participate in the competition together. Though it was their first time in a spelling bee, they remained poised and unintimidated, and, most importantly, had a blast!

As twins, they share a lot of interests. They both love to read – Maia particularly loves mystery books, and Cameron will read just about anything he can get his hands on. Yet they also have very different interests – Maia loves being creative (i.e., sewing, painting, pottery, etc.), and Cameron loves sports and games (i.e., fencing, basketball and Scrabble). They both share a love of learning, and their inquisitive minds never rest.

The two hope to return for next year’s Bee, so if you hear someone spelling out loud in the Parkview halls, look for this dynamic duo!

parkview-spelling-bee-1 parkview-spelling-bee-2

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