Sierra Vista GLEE Club lends a “Helping Hand” to the community

Over the past few weeks, students in the Sierra Vista Elementary School GLEE (Great Leaders Every day in Every way) Club have shown how much they truly care about the community. Led by Melissa Gifford, a sixth grade teacher, and Calle Hendry, a first grade teacher, the students have been working on assembling and distributing “Helping Hand” bags to people in need. They collected items, such as food, water, hand sanitizer and tissues, and divided them into bags with a special note. Once the bags were assembled, the students were encouraged to find someone in the community to donate the bag to. They were very excited about this project, and look forward to future projects where they can continue to help the people in the community.

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  1. Great job! So proud of all the G.L.E.E. Club students and Ms. Gifford and Mrs. Hendry!!!! Keep up the great work, Sierra Vista!!!!

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