Blocks play for Brookhaven Preppy K

As part of their social studies curriculum, Brookhaven Elementary School Preppy K students participate in building a blocks community every week. Blocks play offers a hands-on developmental approach to learning as the students actively engage in “pretend play” that fosters social skills, language development and knowledge about occupations and community. The blocks community grows and changes every few weeks as new businesses are added for the children to work in and visit. Currently, they have a bank, market, fire station, farm, zoo, Home Depot and airport, but students have also experienced a pet shop, bakery, tree lot, school, gas station, car wash, vet and doctors’ offices. Building and playing in our community is a favorite part of the week in Preppy K!

brookhaven-preppy-k-blocks-2 brookhaven-preppy-k-blocks-3

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