Sierra Vista students release butterflies into pollination station

Second grade students at Sierra Vista Elementary School raised butterflies to release into the school’s pollination station on campus. When the children started, the larvae were a greenish blue color, and smaller than the head of a pin. Each student had a larva in a container on their desk, and they made bi-weekly observations in their science journals. About three weeks later, the caterpillars entered the chrysalis stage, and they were placed in a butterfly cage. After about one week, the chrysalis turned black, and beautiful painted lady butterflies emerged. A week later, the children released their butterflies into their natural habitat in Sierra Vista’s pollination station. Each child had a chance to hold the butterflies, and some butterflies even came back to say goodbye!

sierra-vista-butterfly-pollination-station-2 sierra-vista-butterfly-pollination-station-3 sierra-vista-butterfly-pollination-station-4

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