El Dorado students participate in national drum corps program over the summer

Instead of playing video games or hanging out with their friends at the beach, three students from El Dorado High School, Justis Bouyer, Katie Christensen and Daniel Espinoza, entered into the competitive world of drum corps this past summer.

Justis was accepted into the Oregon Crusaders, and Katie and Daniel made it into the Vanguard Cadets.

In early June, they left their homes and families to embark on a grueling summer tour. Practices consisted of 12 to 13 hour rehearsals under the blazing sun, seven days a week for two and a half months. All for the love of music.

They traveled to Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, New York, Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania. They learned independence, the value of hard work and to appreciate the comforts of home.

They represented El Dorado with pride. The Vanguard Cadets won the gold medal at their final competition in Michigan City, Ind.

After sleeping their final night at the airport in Indianapolis, they arrived back in Placentia exhausted, sweaty, proud and very happy to be home.

Congrats to these three musicians on this awesome accomplishment!

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