Brookhaven’s Brilliant Bears GATE Academy is a huge hit

Mrs. Walls, Brookhaven Elementary School’s gifted and talented education (GATE) coordinator, had more than 20 students attend the first two Brilliant Bears GATE Academy sessions. The Academy is offered after school for third through six grade GATE students. Mrs. Walls began the program in January after a desire to offer an enrichment program for the hard-working and creative GATE students at Brookhaven.

At session one, Mrs. Walls introduced the students to GATE Academy goals, did team building and leadership activities, and had conversations about what it means to be great GATE students. Each session from then on features a different guest speaker.

Session two gave the students an opportunity to work with El Dorado High School teacher Mrs. Sunshine Cavalluzzi, who helped prepare the students for a mock trial based on Harry Potter situations. At a follow-up session, students will present their arguments, and be judged by a real lawyer. The students will have the opportunity to work on team building skills, critical thinking and communication skills, and learn about the importance of persistence and having a positive growth mindset as a GATE student!

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  1. That’s so cool Sarah. Keep up the great work! All my love, Bill

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