Rose Drive first graders put their STEM skills to the test

Combining science and literature, Rose Drive Elementary School first graders were recently tasked with building a house that won’t blow over for those famous three little pigs. This STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activity tied in with the first grade science study on how weather affects us. After reading The Three Little Javelinas and recalling the famous fable of “The Three Little Pigs,” students were given the challenge to design and build a house that would withstand Santa Ana winds (or a good blow from the wolf). In groups, students designed and built a house for the pigs made of only 10 index cards, five craft sticks and two feet of masking tape. Following their time for design and building, students chose a presenter from their groups to explain their design and construction to the class. Another student was chosen to be the big bad wolf and see if the house blew over in a wind storm. Students clearly had a blast – this will be a lesson they will not soon forget!

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