Rocket club at Valadez takes flight

The Valadez Middle School Academy rocketry team, led by teacher Jeff Schumerth, has been hard at work since last June designing and flying their model rocket for the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC). TARC is the world’s largest student rocket contest. Teams from across the country must fly their rockets as close to 750 feet as possible, land between 41 and 43 seconds, and bring back down its payload – a raw egg that is inside the rocket – safely. Twice a month, the Valadez team practices their launches, and collects data in order to make a successful qualifying flight. With many setbacks like crash landings, cracked eggs and rebuilds, the team never gave up, and is now finding success. Valadez is very proud of the following students and all their hard work: Riana Villacampo, Tiffany Clubb, Yaritza Martinez, Izabella Padilla, Leslie Arce, Ian Lopez, Anthony Lara and Emmanuel Torress. Special thanks to Mr. Schumerth for providing this opportunity for Valadez students.

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