Dr. Domene visits Rose Drive Elementary

The Rose Drive Elementary School Roadrunners were excited to welcome a very important guest to our school on Wednesday, Oct. 21 — Superintendent Dr. Doug Domene. The morning began with a staff breakfast of coffee and bagels.

As he does at every school, Dr. Domene made it a priority to visit every classroom during his stay. One of the highlights included a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lesson in first grade, which required students to work in collaborative groups to invent their own laundry shoots to deal with a rather “stinky” sock situation. Students were provided with an array of materials to create their inventions, including card stock, tape, popsicle sticks and paperclips. Dr. Domene is pictured working with one of the groups, asking questions and observing the investigative, problem-solving and creative nature of this activity.

rose-drive-domene-visit-2 rose-drive-domene-visit-3

Another highlight was a second grade cognitively guided instruction (CGI) activity, which required students to work in groups and figure out a variety of ways to count materials. Students put their problem-solving skills to the test as they determined different ways to count the items in their collections in as little time as possible.

Dr. Domene was also treated to several upper grade extending children’s mathematics (ECM) lessons, a peek into our Walk to Read Program, fourth grade strings (pictured) and vocal classes, an introduction to scratch computer programming, and centers in action in our special day class (SDC) and general education Preppy K/kindergarten classes.


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