Travis Ranch School unveils new reading garden

Travis Ranch Principal speaking to students and parents.

On May 15, Travis Ranch celebrated the opening of its new reading garden with a ribbon cutting ceremony before school.  Students, parents, and staff members gathered around Principal Susan Metcalf as she gave thanks to the Travis Ranch PTA who sponsored the peaceful reading garden along with generous support from the Sugar family and the Roedick family.

As Assistant Principal Lisa White cut the bright green ribbon on the entrance of the garden, students flooded in, eager to examine their surroundings and get to reading.

Principal White cutting the reading garden ribbon.

First grader reading a book in the garden.

Students observing a plant.

PTA parent passing out lady bugs to release in the reading garden.

Travis Ranch students excited about their new reading garden.

Students holding lady bugs.

Travis Ranch family at the opening of the reading garden.

Travis Ranch reading garden.

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