Topaz Elementary students taught valuable life and career skills by Blizzard Entertainment mentors

Topaz Elementary students at Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine.

What do you get when you combine a premier game developer and publisher known for epic, well-designed entertainment software, Orange County GRIP, and Topaz Elementary School?  Students motivated to excel.

Blizzard Entertainment partnered with OC Grip and the Fullerton Police Department to bring mentors to Topaz Elementary School.  Employees from Blizzard Entertainment met monthly to mentor students and teach them that passion, creativity, and imagination are valuable tools to have.

Students created personalized Google Slide shows about their lives, designed video game characters, created lines and sounds effects to be used with their characters, and finally had their character voices professionally recorded and uploaded to a game card.

Mentors interacted with Topaz students to instill some of the same core values that they have at Blizzard Entertainment such as Play Nice, Place Fair, Lead Responsibly, Commit to Quality, Every Voice Matters, and Learn and Grow.   Mentors met and worked with students to develop communication skills, team work, and critical thinking, using imagination and creativity.

The culminating event was a well-deserved field trip to Blizzard Entertainment in Irvine.  The students were invited to a private screening where the characters and voices the students created came to life in a software game called Hearthstone.  Topaz students learned to follow their passion and never stop learning.  That same passion for the things they love could one day lead to a full time career.

Topaz students at Blizzard Entertainment on a field trip.

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