Brookhaven Elementary’s Brilliant Bears GATE Academy blasts off

Brookhaven Elementary students with Colonel Tyler Harris.

Brookhaven’s Brilliant Bears GATE Academy has become a huge success after its first year of development! Students had the opportunity to explore many different fields of study, most recently focusing on STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math). Students studied electrical circuits and static electricity, and had the chance to build a robotic hand out of card board. These are just a few of the exciting things students have explored during their STEM based sessions.

At last week’s GATE Academy session, students were joined by Air Force Colonel, and GATE parent, Colonel Tyler Harris. Colonial Harris specializes in building satellites, and he spoke to the students about the details of his job and experience. He then helped lead students in an activity where they were in mixed grade level teams to create rockets. Students then had the opportunity to test their rockets outside under the supervision of Colonel Harris, and the GATE Coordinator teacher, Mrs. Walls. The rockets all blasted off successfully and with great height.  Students were thrilled to see their projects in action!

Brookhaven parent speaking to class.

Brookhaven students giving the thumbs up!

Brookhaven parent helping students build rockets.

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