Schools host unique “Trunk-or-Treat” events

Glenview Elementary School
Glenview held its first Trunk-or-Treat Halloween celebration on Friday, Oct. 23. Parents and community members decorated over 20 car trunks for students and families to trunk-or-treat. Guests received early Halloween candy, and participated in fun games and face painting festivities. What a treat! Those pictured include Glenview’s Librarian Mrs. Canfield and her husband, as well as Mrs. Frank and the Glenview Bulldog. Thank you Glenview PTA and community for your support in making this special night possible!

glenview-trunk-or-treat-1 glenview-trunk-or-treat-2 glenview-trunk-or-treat-3 glenview-trunk-or-treat-4 glenview-trunk-or-treat-6

Morse Elementary School
Morse held its annual PTA Trunk-or-Treat night for families on Thursday, Oct. 29. It was a great success! Community members decorated the trunks of their cars with a festive flair, and handed out candy to our students. “Story Time” was a great success as well! Ninja Red Riding Hood, Paul Bunyan, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears made an appearance to read their stories! Morse’s fantastic teachers wore costumes of the main character in their story. Families attended the Book Fair, visited a photo booth and even found time for airbrushed tattoos. They enjoyed Mustache Mike’s dessert treats too. Everyone enjoyed a fun-filled evening!

morse-trunk-or-treat-1 morse-trunk-or-treat-2 morse-trunk-or-treat-3 morse-trunk-or-treat-4 morse-trunk-or-treat-5 morse-trunk-or-treat-6 morse-trunk-or-treat-7 morse-trunk-or-treat-8 morse-trunk-or-treat-9 morse-trunk-or-treat-10 morse-trunk-or-treat-11 morse-trunk-or-treat-12 morse-trunk-or-treat-13 morse-trunk-or-treat-14 morse-trunk-or-treat-15 morse-trunk-or-treat-16 morse-trunk-or-treat-17 morse-trunk-or-treat-18

Travis Ranch School
Travis Ranch held its first annual Trunk-or-Treat event on Wednesday, Oct 28. About 400 parents and students attended.

travis-trunk-or-treat-1 travis-trunk-or-treat-2 travis-trunk-or-treat-3

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