Rose Drive inspires future engineers

Worker from JPL educating students.

Rose Drive Elementary School third graders were recently treated to an informative and interactive session with student Kyle Milton’s uncle, Mr. Dickie.  Mr. Dickie visited very lucky third graders from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena with the intent to inform and inspire future engineers.

Mr. Dickie began his presentation with an overview of his own interests that inspired him as a young boy to want to be an engineer.  His lesson offered a fascinating comparison of technology, identifying the differences from when he was a third grader to what he gets to work with today.  He also shared some behind the scenes pictures of the JPL, showing the different missions and orbiters controlled by the JPL labs.

Students were provided a detailed explanation of how microchips are prepared, along with a viewing of an actual silicon wafer. This was all presented, of course, in the daily dust-free clothes that Mr. Dickie has to wear while working.  His lessons have planted seeds in the minds of our future engineers!

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