Val Tech Boeing interns excel in robotics competition

Valencia High School Boeing Interns won a robotics competition.This year, six Valencia High School (VHS) Val Tech students did their internships at Boeing in Huntington Beach. The students are pictured left to right: Sharon Wang, Caroline Bostwick, Nathan Garcia, Bryce Turcaz, and Christy Yee. Tyler Sanders is not pictured.

Congratulations to the Valencia High School (VHS) Val Tech Boeing interns for winning the Best Overall Robot award during their summertime robotics competition.  The competition objective was to create a robotic car that would drive around a course and never hit a wall.  Unlike their opponents, the VHS car never touched the wall once.

The cars were judged on functionality, creativity, and “Boeing-ness.”  All teams of interns were given a car kit that they had to assemble and then program using the C programming language.  Competing teams included students from Brea, CAMS, Diamond Bar, Fairmont, Ocean View, Orange Lutheran, Sage Hills, Sunny Hills, Troy, Tustin, Westminster, and Whitney high schools.

During their 150-hour internships, these Val Tech students worked in a variety of fields including engineering simulation, composites manufacturing, site integration, software engineering, and web design. Each intern had a Boeing employee as a mentor/supervisor who assigned tasks that VHS students tackled alongside Boeing employees. These students gained invaluable and amazing work experience as they significantly contributed to real-world Boeing projects.

Great job, Tigers!

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