Red Ribbon Week at Rose Drive

Rose Drive Elementary School would like to extend a special thank you to the Placentia Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff for their efforts in providing an informative and hands-on Red Ribbon assembly to help kick off the school’s Red Ribbon Week.

Beginning with an overall review of making healthy choices and remaining drug free from Deputy Holmes, students were then divided into groups to rotate among three stations. Teaching students about his German Shepherd companion, Habo, was K-9 Officer Anderson (Savannah and Cash’s dad). Reviewing the ins-and-outs of the duties of a SWAT officer (even allowing students to climb aboard a real SWAT truck), was Officer Martinez. Finally, a hands-on demonstration reviewing motorcyclists’ duties were Officer Dean and Sergeant Connell.

Students pledged to remain drug free, and maintained high spirits throughout the week by dressing up according to selected themes. Not only did they “team up” against and run away from drugs, but they also pledged not to get mixed up in drugs, to “lei” off drugs, and to aspire to their highest potential by dressing up as their dream careers.

Thanks to the Rose Drive PTA, Mrs. Woodward, and Mr. and Mrs. Anderson for their efforts in making this week so memorable and educational. We have a feeling our students received the message loudly and clearly!

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