Parkview senior dedicates her time outside of school to stadium jumping

Parkview student competing.
Daniella Sternberg is a young, 17 year old horsewoman and high school senior, attending Parkview School.
She started horseback riding at the age of seven and began ‘showing’ at the age of 12. She’s been riding for 10 years. Daniella says it wasn’t a love of riding that initially sparked her interest, but an act of rebellion. Her father wanted her to take up a less dangerous sport, so she says it was a bit of a ‘rebellious act’ that she actually started riding. After riding for a few months, she fell in love with horses and the sport. It’s taken Dad a few years to follow suit.
Daniella is a show jumper, also referred to as stadium jumping. She owns the two horses she rides. Cristeen is an Oldenburg, grey mare German warm blood, born in Germany and shipped to Daniella in 2014. Her other horse, Caspar, is a Dutch warm blood, born in Holland, and shipped to Daniella last year.
She stables her horses locally in Anaheim Hills at the Anaheim Hills Saddle Club. Daniella trains and feeds her horses at the Anaheim Hills facility twice a day, but weekly she’ll travel to Temecula to train with an established and notable trainer, Susan Hutchison.
Daniella has competed in a wide variety of horse shows. These have included local, national, and international circuits. At the championships in Sacramento, her team won the gold medal. She was a champion in Paso Robles winning the 1.20 championship, Del Mar, Huntington Beach, and Las Vegas. She’s competed internationally in Germany, placing second, and in the acclaimed Longines LA Masters in South Africa, winning what’s called the ‘six bar challenge’
Recently her horse Caspar, won his first stakes class in Temecula.
Daniella claims it’s the support of her amazing family, two older brothers, and her parents, that enables her to participate in this incredible sport. Both brothers used to ride in South Africa, which she states fueled her ambition and competitive spirit. She acknowledges her parents hard work to support her dreams. She states her riding has brought her close knit family even closer as they travel to shows, set up challenging exercises for her and her horses, and root her on and off the field.
Daniella has dreams of pursuing a medical career. She loves the STEM fields and has shown a great interest in biology and molecular biology. Her goal is to attend a four year university majoring in biology with a minor in physics.

No doubt we’ll be hearing about this accomplished young lady, not only in the sports field, but the medical field as well!

Parkview student competing. Parkview student competing. Parkview student competing. Parkview student competing.

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