“Ask a Scientist Night” at Woodsboro Elementary

Woodsboro Elementary School hosted an “Ask a Scientist Night” on Thursday, Oct. 29. Over 250 parents and children attended, including families from other schools.

The Orange County Science & Engineering Fair organization brought scientists and outstanding high school students from Orange County schools to Woodsboro to give presentations throughout the evening.

The library featured 10 scientists from many disciplines, and students had the opportunity to ask them questions. One scientist met with parents in the multipurpose room in order to share strategies for supporting their child as they work on their projects. There was also a rocket scientist who had been nominated for a Nobel Prize four times! She signed a copy of her book for the teachers. Other students were in classrooms where high schoolers taught hands-on science lessons in chemistry, electricity, bridge building and other activities. It was an amazing opportunity for students to meet these scientists and high school science students.

Woodsboro has three more scheduled science events in which scientists will work with students as they progress with their projects. Later, there will be a day of judging the projects, and the winners will be entered in the Orange County Science & Engineering Fair.

Special thanks to gifted and talented education (GATE) teachers and Mrs. Muller, Mrs. Livergood and Mrs. Chung for coordinating this event for all Woodsboro students. It truly was an extraordinary evening!

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