Bryant Ranch School’s Garden Club hosts Organic Farmer’s Market with home-grown plants

Bryant Ranch green team.

On Friday, May 10, the Garden Club at Bryant Ranch School coordinated an Organic Farmer’s Market, offering beautiful sunflowers, fresh lavender, and home-grown herbs cultivated by the students directly on the school’s campus, and just in time for Mother’s Day. All offerings were grown in the school’s Garden Center, using organic fertilizer and were free of pesticides. Students sold all items for $2 each. Money raised from the sales will go toward purchasing additional gardening supplies.

Students were not only responsible for growing the plants, they also took on the responsibilities of promoting the event, creating posters, preparing the items for sale, and selling the products at the Farmer’s Market. In addition to the benefits of growing their own items, the Farmer’s Market was a good opportunity for students to learn about the importance of trade skills; for many, this was their first time collecting money and giving back change.

The Bryant Ranch Garden Club, also known as, the “Little Diggers,” meets bi-weekly in the school’s Garden Center. Students learn about the importance of agriculture including farming basics such as the life-cycle of a plant, importance of weeding, and the benefits of organic farming. Students also learn how to harvest and make healthier food choices. Special guest presentations include visits from Armstrong Garden Center, local bee keepers, and representatives from local water districts. Students operate and maintain all aspects of the Garden Center, including tilling the soil, sweeping the blacktop, and ensuring rabbits do not eat the fruits of their labor!

Way to go, Explorers!

Bryant Ranch green team.

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