Valencia High School’s eSports Teams Triumph in CIF Playoffs

eSports at VHS.

Valencia High School’s eSports teams are making waves in the competitive gaming scene, showcasing their skills and resilience in the CIF playoffs. Under the guidance of Coach Jason Parker, these teams have demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication, earning victories and accolades despite facing formidable opponents.

The Smash varsity team, boasting an undefeated record, entered the playoffs as the fourth seed and wasted no time in asserting their dominance. In a commanding performance, they swept their first-round match against Rancho Mirage High School, signaling their intent to claim the CIF title.

However, the road to victory is not without its challenges. The Rocket League and League of Legends teams, while qualifying for the consolation playoffs, encountered setbacks along the way. The Rocket League team faced adversity when they had to play shorthanded due to a last-minute medical appointment. Despite leading 3-2 in the best-of-seven match against Hanford West High School, they narrowly lost in the seventh game. Nevertheless, their resilience and determination were evident, showcasing their potential to compete at the highest level.

Meanwhile, the League of Legends team showcased their prowess by sweeping Lompoc High School, highlighting their strategic prowess and teamwork.

Even the junior varsity teams participated in the CIF mini-playoffs, with the Smash JV team emerging victorious while the Rocket League JV team faced a setback. These young talents demonstrate promise for the future, contributing to the overall success of Valencia High School’s eSports program.

Although Valorant is not a CIF-sanctioned sport this year, Valencia’s varsity team continues to excel in external tournaments, securing victories and further solidifying their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the eSports community.

At the heart of Valencia’s success lies a roster of exceptional players, including Garret Reynolds, Kenneth Nguyen, and Vincent West, supported by standout sub Joseph Park. Their combined skill, dedication, and teamwork have propelled them to the forefront of competitive gaming, earning them recognition and admiration from peers and rivals alike.

Coach Jason Parker commends his team’s remarkable achievements, acknowledging the demanding schedules these student-athletes juggle, including participation in traditional sports. Despite these challenges, Valencia’s eSports teams continue to thrive, setting a standard of excellence for future generations of gamers.

As the CIF finals approach, scheduled to take place at Cal State Dominguez Hills on April 27, anticipation is high as Valencia High School’s eSports teams vie for championship glory. Regardless of the outcome, their journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and teamwork in the world of competitive gaming. Valencia High School’s eSports teams have undoubtedly left a mark on the landscape of high school eSports, inspiring and captivating audiences with their skill and determination.

Below is a roster of each of Valencia’s eSports teams.

Varsity Smash Team
Kenneth Nguyen
Garret Reynolds
Vincent West
Joseph Park

Varsity League of Legends Team
Kevin Michel
Dineth Gonapoladeniyage
Chloe Lee
Nicholas Lee
Doug Youm
Joseph Nakagawa
Anthony Duong
Matthew Aou
Arav Shinh

Varsity Rocket League Team
Logan Roh
Gavin Scharf
Fernando Fuentes

Varsity Valorant Team
Joseph Nakagawa
Chloe Lee
Beck Robinson
Zeth Ortega
Joshua Huynh
Javier Colin

JV Smash Team
Jonathan Ibarra
Kimani Rodgriguez
James Zaucha

JV Rocket League Team
Erik Castillo
Luis Hernandez
Harrison Siganoff
Joshua Banuelos

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