Inaugural Unified Sports Track Meet Promotes Inclusivity and Friendship Across All Four PYLUSD High Schools

Unified Sport Track & Field Event

On Wednesday, April 10, Valencia High School transformed Bradford Stadium into a bustling arena for the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District’s first ever Unified Sports Track Meet. Special education students teamed up with their general education peers from all four high schools to compete in a series of events including the softball toss, frisbee toss, 50-yard race, 100-yard race, and relay race. A vibrant crowd comprised of El Dorado, Esperanza, Valencia, and Yorba Linda students, staff, and families was also in attendance to display their unwavering support.

Amidst the buzz of excitement, athletes warmed up while the anticipation in the stadium soared. The first events, the softball and frisbee tosses, allowed students to showcase their determination and athletic abilities. The subsequent events, including the 50-yard, 100-yard, and relay races, saw similar levels of excitement and camaraderie. Each time a special education athlete excelled, the track reverberated with cheers, echoing support from students, staff, and families alike.

Unified Sports had its origins in PYLUSD at Esperanza several years ago as a student-led club, driven by the principles of inclusion and fostering friendships through sporting activities. Over time, this initiative has blossomed, with each high school now offering courses in Unified Physical Education. Mirroring the ethos of the club, this PE class provides a fully inclusive environment where special education and general education students engage in non-competitive learning experiences.

Unified PE transcends barriers, allowing PYLUSD students of all abilities to participate in a range of activities encompassing lifetime pursuits, physical fitness, and sports. Collaborative efforts among students not only enhance their skills but also bolster their confidence and sense of belonging. Through various leadership opportunities, students in this course are empowered to champion inclusivity, thereby nurturing a school environment that embraces diversity.

Kudos to all of the athletes for their exemplary performance at the inaugural Unified Sports Track Meet! A special thanks goes to Valencia’s administrative team, staff, and students for orchestrating a memorable event that united the PYLUSD community in celebration of inclusion and sportsmanship.

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  1. Wendy Umekubo | April 10, 2024 at 6:13 pm | Reply

    This was such an awesome event…..bringing together so many in our district for all of the best reasons! Great work and congrats to all who made this happened, including the wonderful athletes. We are really blessed!

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